The Tip Line by Vanessa Cuti Narrated by Sarah Naughton

Title: The Tip Line Author: Vanessa Cuti Narrator: Sarah Naughton Genre: General Fiction, Mystery Format: Audiobook Listening Length: 9 hours 48 minutes   Date of Publication: April 18, 2023 Description:  Anxious to get married, thirty-year-old Virginia Carey lands a job as an operator at a police tip line, where she thinks finding a husband will be easy. There’s Charlie Ford, a surprisingly sweet homicide detective, and charming police chief Declan “Deck” Brady. But just as Virginia’s plans begin to fall into place and she can almost picture a ring on her finger, she answers a call from Verona—a mysterious woman who provides a tip about four bodies on a remote local beach. Verona, a sex worker, also gives Virginia details on sordid and raucous parties attended by law enforcement officers—and on the strange fetishes of cops she has been involved with. Then comes an explosive tip: Verona thinks it’s a police officer who is responsible for the killings. But it can’t be true—the cops Virg

The Guilty One by Bill Schweigart Narrated by Matt Godfrey

Title: The Guilty One Author: Bill Schweigart Narrator: Matt Godfrey Genre: Mystery, Thriller, General Fiction Format: Audiobook Listening Length:  9 hours 8 minutes   Date of Publication: March 21, 2023 Description:  In this breathlessly paced thriller for fans of Michael Connelly, a cop thwarts a murder and can’t remember a thing. But memories return—and so do the nightmares. My Thoughts: If you have read any of my reviews in the past that have multiple timelines you will have found a pattern. The pattern is that I am not a huge fan of stories with multiple timelines as I don't usually find them done well and find that it can be difficult to keep everything straight. This story follows a cop who was once considered a hero and then later turned into a "monster". The story follows the cops two timelines, the crime that made him a hero in the public eye and then the crime that made him a monster. It took me a while to get everything straight.  The characters from both time

The Revenge List by Hannah Mary McKinnon Blog Tour (Excerpt & Q&A)

The Revenge List: A Novel Author: Hannah Mary McKinnon On Sale Date: May 23, 2023 9780778333463 Trade Paperback $18.99 USD 368 pages I am super excited to be part of the blog tour for Hannah Mary McKinnon's newest book The Revenge List which was released on May 23, 2023. Book Summary As a therapy exercise, a woman writes a list of people she wants to forgive, and thinks nothing of it when she loses it in an Uber…until one by one the people on the list become victims of freak accidents. Set in Portland, Maine, Hannah Mary McKinnon’s breakout suspense novel THE REVENGE LIST will appeal to fans of Lisa Unger, Joshilyn Jackson, and Tarryn Fisher. Following an epic run-in with a client who threatened to pull out of a contract at her father’s company if she doesn’t suffer some consequences, Frankie Morgan agrees to go to anger management. With the business struggling with cash-flow and her brother needing help with the medical bills for his sick daughter, she can’t risk harming the busin