Something Hidden (Andrew Hunter, #2) by Kerry Wilkinson


This is the first book that I have read by Kerry Wilkinson, so I was unsure what to expect.
The story starts out strong and introduces you very quickly to the background story of what will eventually become the primary case that is being investigated by Andrew Hunter. Andrew is hired pro bono by Fiona Methodist to look into her father's case. Her father is deceased, but she refuses to believe that her father was responsible for the death of two young college students who were witness to a jewelry store robbery.

In addition to Fiona Methodists' case, Andrew is also hired to look into the theft of two highly awarded Bengal cats. This case adds a bit of humor to the overall story, as Andrew does not like cats.

The complicated relationship dynamics that Kerry build into the story help to provide some airiness to what other wise is a sad story, when thinking of Fiona Methodist. There is the complicated and yet romantic relationship between Andrew and his ex-wife Keira, who he has recently started seeing again. Kerry does a wonderful job in developing these characters relationships, but what he does towards the end is shocking and leaves you wondering if Andrew and Keira will ever get back together with the new information that has come to light. Then you have to add in Keira's father who cares for his daughter, but is ruthless and harsh to Andrew.

Then there is Jenny, Andrew's assistant. She is a hard one to understand because she is such a unique and unusual character. I am curious to learn more about Jenny and her past as Kerry keeps you pretty much in the dark about her. From what you learn in the story though, Jenny is a strong woman who has no fear of anything and is willing to stand up for those she cares about even if it means that she could get injured herself.

This was a really good book to read and at times it did move slowly. I also did wonder, if the theft of the two Bengals was necessary to the story or not. For this reason, I am giving the book a 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Everyone hates Fiona Methodist.
Her war veteran father shot a young couple in broad daylight before killing himself. The engaged pair had witnessed a robbery and were due to give evidence but, with all three now dead, no one knows the true motive.
For Fiona, it's destroyed her life. It's not just those who whisper behind her back or the friends who pretend she doesn't exist; it's the landlords who spot her name and say no, the job agencies who can't find her work.
But Fiona knows her dad didn't do it. He couldn't have - he's her father and he wouldn't do that . . . would he?
Private investigator Andrew Hunter takes pity on the girl and, even with stolen bengal cats to find, plus an ex-wife who's not quite so 'ex', he can't escape the creeping feeling that Fiona might be right after all.


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