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The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

This book took my quite a long time to complete and several tries. To be honest, I almost gave up on it as I was not very fond of the way it was written, but I finally finished it.

As I mentioned, I was not very fond of how this book was written. The format is done in the format of a letter written by Rowan to a lawyer that she is hoping will take her case. She previously had another lawyer who did not find that it would be helpful for her to tell her whole story, so this time she decided to write to a new lawyer who she was told could help her. The lawyer was known to help those whose case seemed most helpless, which hers was because she was being charged with the murder of one of the children she had been watching. Because it was written as a letter, there are a number of different places through out the story that Rowan is trying to tell where she stops to make a comment about her current situation or what she thinks the lawyer might be thinking or feeling at that time in the…