The Wrong Victim by Allison Brennan - Excerpt, Review, Q&A

The Wrong Victim : A Novel  Allison Brennan On Sale Date: April 26, 2022 9780778312307 Hardcover $26.99 USD 464 pages I am super excited to be part of the Harlequin Book/MIRA Books blog tour for Alison Brennan's newest book The Wrong Victim, which released on April 26, 2022. Book Summary A bomb explodes on a sunset charter cruise out of Friday Harbor at the height of tourist season and kills everyone on board. Now this fishing and boating community is in shock and asking who would commit such a heinous crime—the largest act of mass murder in the history of the San Juan Islands. Was the explosion an act of domestic terrorism, or was one of the dead the primary target? That is the first question Special Agent Matt Costa, Detective Kara Quinn, and the rest of the FBI team need to answer, but they have few clues and no witnesses. Accused of putting profits before people after leaking fuel endangered an environmentally sensitive preserve, the West End Charter company may itself have bee

The Adventures of Rembrandt the Tuxedo Cat Helps Callie, the Calico Cat, Find Her Meow by Marsha Walk Carroll (Release date: Oct. 6, 2020)

Title: The Adventures of Rembrandt the Tuxedo Cat Helps Callie, the Callico Cat, Find Her Meow
Author: Marsha Walk Carroll
Genre: Children's book
Format: Kindle ARC
No. of Pages: 32 
Date of Publication: October 6, 2020

Description:  Rembrandt, affectionately known as Remy, is well loved and lives with his Purr-ents and his big brother, Leo, the Tabby Cat. In this inaugural story book of Rembrandt, the Tuxedo Cat, Remy comes upon an unfamiliar calico cat who has shyly seated herself on the bench in his backyard. A great mystery has presented itself with the quiet little calico cat. As Remy strikes up a conversation, the little calico cat has no meow. Remy and Callie, as he calls her, go on a quest to help her find her meow. They search his back yard and the woods behind his house. Will they find Callie’s meow? And if so, where will they find it?

My Thoughts: This is my first children's book that I have picked up from Netgalley for a review. I thought it would be a nice way to get some books that my 10 month old son might like as well as a way to share my thoughts on the book with other parents (hopefully).

I chose this book for a few reasons, first its about a tuxedo cat. My family has 4 cats, none of which are a Tuxedo cat but I had one as I was growing up. Secondly, its about cats and we love cats. Thirdly, it had pictures which I thought would be nice for my son.

Rembrandt, if you haven't already deduced, is a tuxedo cat and while he is outside playing, he comes across Callie, a Callico cat. Callie and Rembrandt play together throughout the day while also looking for Callie's "meow" as she has never meowed before. Rembrandt also has an older brother who has never meowed.

I thought that the story moved slowly and was quite repetitive. Rembrandt and Callie look in seven different places for her "meow". I also found it difficult to figure out what the plot of the story was until I was 50% through the book. Given that it moves slowly and it is repetitive, I do wonder if a young child would be able to hold attention that long for the story to be completed. I think this book, depending on age, would need to be read in sections. At least, I know that is what I will probably do with my son when I eventually read it to him. 

Their is an illustration on each page of the book. The illustrations are rough, but in a good way. They almost remind me of children's drawing. They are bright and colorful and not super detailed. It works well for this book.  

Rating: 3 out of 5 because as I previously mentioned the story moved slowly and was quite repetitive. I do think that the number of places that Rembrandt and Callie looked for her "meow" could have been done a fewer number of places.

Purchase book: Amazon

About the Author: Marsha Walk Carroll has always been an avid reader and dabbled in writing in her youth. Fast forward a number of years, married with three small children in the span of four years, children’s books became her focus. Marsha received her Teacher’s Certification in English Language Arts and Reading in the state of Texas. She found great joy in teaching 4th and 7th grade students with the state’s emphasis on writing. While working with her students to develop their topics on friendship, courage, acceptance, trust, and determination, she rekindled her passion for writing. Marsha currently resides in College Grove, TN with her husband, Kevin, of thirty-two years and their cat, Rembrandt. Their 3 grown children live out of state.

Thank you Netgalley for the book! This is my honest opinion.



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