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The Tip Line by Vanessa Cuti Narrated by Sarah Naughton

Title: The Tip Line Author: Vanessa Cuti Narrator: Sarah Naughton Genre: General Fiction, Mystery Format: Audiobook Listening Length: 9 hours 48 minutes   Date of Publication: April 18, 2023 Description:  Anxious to get married, thirty-year-old Virginia Carey lands a job as an operator at a police tip line, where she thinks finding a husband will be easy. There’s Charlie Ford, a surprisingly sweet homicide detective, and charming police chief Declan “Deck” Brady. But just as Virginia’s plans begin to fall into place and she can almost picture a ring on her finger, she answers a call from Verona—a mysterious woman who provides a tip about four bodies on a remote local beach. Verona, a sex worker, also gives Virginia details on sordid and raucous parties attended by law enforcement officers—and on the strange fetishes of cops she has been involved with. Then comes an explosive tip: Verona thinks it’s a police officer who is responsible for the killings. But it can’t be true—the cops Virg

Dino Breaks The Rules by Sarah Read

Title: Dino Breaks the Rules Author:  Sarah Reed Genre: Children's book Format: Kindle  No. of Pages: 25 Date of Publication: August 19, 2020 Description:  Why do dinosaurs need rules?  Dinosaurs need rules to feel safe and secure. * Rules prepare children for the real world. *Teaching responsibility & values * Learn about consequences of words, actions and choices *Limits help kids manage rough emotions This story is geared to kids ages 3-5, level 1. Perfect for boys, girls, preschool, pre-K, and Kindergarten. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers. My Thoughts: I have read a few of Sarah Read's books now and think they will be quite helpful when my son is older, he is still too young for them now. As in Sarah's previous books, the illustrations were well done. They are brightly colored, simple, and fun to look at. The story itself reads and flows well. It is written in a way that a 3-5 year old would be able to understand, which is great given that i

The Key to Fear (The Key, #1) by Kristin Cast Narrated by Dascha Polanco

Title: The Key to Fear Author: Kristin Cast Narrator: Dascha Polanco Series: The Key Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Format: ARC audiobook Length:  9 Hours, 18 Minutes, 18 Seconds   Date of Publication:  Description:  No touching today for a healthy tomorrow. For fifty years, the Key Corporation has defended humanity against a deadly virus that spreads through touch. Lovers don’t kiss, or even hold hands. Personal boundaries are valued above all. Break the laws, and you’ll face execution.  Elodie, a talented young nurse, believes in the mission of the Key and has never questioned the laws that control her life. But Elodie is forced to break the rules when she sets out in search of a terminal patient who goes missing while under her care. From the outside, it seems like Aiden was given everything he could want from the Key—a purpose, an education, and a future. But Aiden knows more than he’s letting on, and the dark secrets he’s keeping could tear the Key’s strict society apart. When Elodie

The War Widow (Billie Walker Mystery, #1) by Tara Moss - Publication day: December 29, 2020

Title: The War Widow Author: Tara Moss Series: Billie Walker Mystery Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery & Suspense Format: ARC Kindle No. of Pages: 352 Date of Publication: December 29, 2020 Description:  The war may be officially over, but journalist Billie Walker's search for a missing young immigrant man will plunge her right back into the danger and drama she thought she'd left behind in Europe in this thrilling tale of courage and secrets set in glamorous postwar Sydney. Sydney, 1946. Though war correspondent Billie Walker is happy to finally be home, for her the heady postwar days are tarnished by the loss of her father and the disappearance in Europe of her husband, Jack. To make matters worse, now that the war is over, the newspapers are sidelining her reporting talents to prioritize jobs for returning soldiers. But Billie is a survivor and she's determined to take control of her own future. So she reopens her late father's business, a private investigation