The Tip Line by Vanessa Cuti Narrated by Sarah Naughton

Title: The Tip Line Author: Vanessa Cuti Narrator: Sarah Naughton Genre: General Fiction, Mystery Format: Audiobook Listening Length: 9 hours 48 minutes   Date of Publication: April 18, 2023 Description:  Anxious to get married, thirty-year-old Virginia Carey lands a job as an operator at a police tip line, where she thinks finding a husband will be easy. There’s Charlie Ford, a surprisingly sweet homicide detective, and charming police chief Declan “Deck” Brady. But just as Virginia’s plans begin to fall into place and she can almost picture a ring on her finger, she answers a call from Verona—a mysterious woman who provides a tip about four bodies on a remote local beach. Verona, a sex worker, also gives Virginia details on sordid and raucous parties attended by law enforcement officers—and on the strange fetishes of cops she has been involved with. Then comes an explosive tip: Verona thinks it’s a police officer who is responsible for the killings. But it can’t be true—the cops Virg

Bodies and Bows (The Apron Shop Series, 3) By Elizabeth Penney

Title: Bodies and Bows
Author: Elizabeth Penney
Series: The Apron Shop Series
Genre: Mystery
Format: Paperback
No. of Pages: 288
Date of Publication: March 30, 2021

Description: Bodies & Bows is the third in the charming cozy Iris Buckley mystery series set in an apron shop in Maine―Elizabeth Penney will have you on pins and needles

Iris Buckley is hoping for a bit of rest and relaxation now that the summertime rush is winding down in Blueberry Cove, Maine. Her apron shop Ruffles & Bows has been a huge success, her friendships are stronger than ever, and now she’s ready for all of the end of summer cookouts on the beach that she can handle.

But before Iris can even turn on the grill, Bella’s latest fling, former Olympian sailor and gorgeous bad boy Lance Pederson is killed in a hit and run while jogging at dawn―and all the evidence points to Bella herself.

Suddenly the month of August isn’t looking so restful, since now Iris has been roped into the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Committee, helping her friend Sophie plan a wedding, and―most importantly of all―tracking down a killer and clearing Bella’s good name before everything unravels.

My Thoughts: If you are looking for a good cozy mystery then this will be the one for you. It is set in Maine with the main character being a local small shop owner of an apron shop called Ruffles and Bows. From the story you can easily tell that Blueberry Cove is a small little town where almost everyone knows each other, maybe a little bit too much about each other.

I really fell in love with the town's name, Blueberry Cove. I'm not even sure why it is called Blueberry Cove as I never heard mention of blueberries being grown there or anything. To me this is just such a a cozy fun name for a town.

I am still confused if Iris is a part-time sleuth who also runs an apron shop or if she just somehow keeps finding herself looking into the crime(s) of others. It is very clear that Iris cares for her friends and that may be why she inserts herself into her friend's case. 

As I mentioned, this is a cozy mystery so there is not a whole lot of action and it goes at a nice gentle pace. For me it is just a little too slow and without much action. I prefer mystery & thrillers that move at a quicker pace and are filled with some more gruesome details. For this reason I am giving the book a 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 out of 5. 

About the Author: Elizabeth Penney is the author of more than two dozen cozy mysteries, including the Apron Shop Series, which begins with Hems & Homicide. She is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the owner of 2 Penney Productions. A former consultant and nonprofit executive, Elizabeth grew up in Maine and now lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she also operates a small farm.

Many thanks to St. Martin's Paperbacks for this copy. This is my honest opinion.