Toaster Oven Takeover by Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore

Title: Toaster Oven Takeover Author: Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore Genre: Cookbook   Format:  Kindle No. of Pages: 159 Date of Publication: April 20, 2021 Description:  Enjoy delicious and fresh weeknight meals in just minutes with these easy recipes using the most underrated yet versatile appliance in the kitchen—the toaster oven! While your standard oven is great for big meals, who wants to wait for it to pre-heat when you’re making weeknight dinner? That’s when the toaster oven comes in handy! As one of the most flexible and space-saving appliances in the kitchen, the toaster oven can do everything a standard oven can but is faster, easier to clean, and more energy-efficient. In  Toaster Oven Takeover , you’ll learn how to make recipes the whole family will enjoy, like: -Freezer-Ready Breakfast Burritos -Stromboli -Sweet Chili-Glazed Wings -Lemon-Roasted Fish with Olives + Capers -German Chocolate Cake -And more! Perfect for cooks of every skill level,  Toaster Oven Takeover  is choc

Thread and Dead (The Apron Shop Series, 2) by Elizabeth Penney

Thread and Dead
Author: Elizabeth Penney
Series: The Apron Shop
Genre: Mystery
Format: Paperback
No. of Pages: 269
Date of Publication: August 25, 2020

Description: Iris Buckley is busier than ever this July, with the town’s annual Lobster Festival fast approaching. In just a matter of days her apron shop Ruffles & Bows, will be jam-packed with tourists eager to lay eyes on its world-class collection of aprons and linens—and Iris’s inventory is running low. Then, just when all hope seems lost, Iris gets a call from Eleanor Brady, a wealthy, reclusive spinster who just happens to have trunks full of vintage fabrics. Would Iris like to come down to Eleanor’s cottage estate Shorehaven and have a look?

Before long Iris is on the scene—and on the case. Turns out that Eleanor has rented Shorehaven to the handsome, charismatic environmentalist Dr. Lukas de Wilde and his flock of students. What begins as an apron-scouting endeavor soon morphs into a full-blown murder investigation when Dr. de Wilde’s beautiful young teaching assistant turns up dead. Now it’s up to Iris—along with her partner-in-love-and-crime Ian Stewart—to unravel the mystery before the Blueberry Cove killer strikes again.

My Thoughts: So I actually read two of the The Apron Shop series books, this one and book 3. I haven't read the first book and I read book 2 and book 3 out of order. From what I can tell, the books do well as a standalone and you won't be missing out if you read them out of order like I did. 

Iris Buckley is an interesting character because she is an apron shop owner and loves the historical background of them. Yet, somehow she manages to get into the business of solving her friends murders or friends who are accused of murdering someone. Blueberry Cove appears to be a very small town and I still love the name. 

I quite enjoyed the parts with Eleanor Brady and actually found those parts to be more interesting then the murder investigation of Dr. de Wilde's teaching assistant. I actually can't remember much of the murder itself. 

The book moves at quite a slow pace which is perfect if you want a cozy mystery. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars because this is a good cozy mystery but it moves slowly. There is not a ton of action. The murderer is concealed quite well in the story and does keep you guessing.

About the Author: Elizabeth Penney is the author of more than two dozen cozy mysteries, among other novels. She is a member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association and the owner of 2 Penney Productions. A former consultant and nonprofit executive, Elizabeth grew up in Maine and now lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press for this copy. This is my honest opinion.


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