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Hindsight (Kendra Michaels, #7) by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

I love Iris Johansen books, specifically those about Eve Duncan, Catherine Ling, Kendra Michaels, and Margaret Douglas. Hindsight is all about Kendra Michaels with our favorite returning characters: Metcalf, Griffin, Jessie, Olivia, and of course Lynch. The sexual tension between Kendra and Lynch is stronger than ever in this book, which is definitely to be expected.
The story briefly starts out with continuing the story that was left, unfinished when it comes to Brock Limited in Double Blind. But as I said, it is very brief and still leaves you hanging. It starts with Kendra in Afghanistan with Lynch and Jessie trying to take Brock Limited down, but than Kendra is sent back to the States and is manipulated into a case with the FBI and Metcalf and Griffin. Once Kendra starts working on the case with the FBI, Brock Limited is only briefly mentioned here and there throughout the book and still leaves you hanging on what is going to happen next with them. Maybe the next Kendra Mich…